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Pay It Forward with School Supplies

Feb 10th 2024

Pay It ForwardHave you ever waited in the drive-thru line, money in hand and ready to pay, only to find out that the person in the car in front of you has paid for your order? While it is a small gest … read more

Child Friendly Earth Day Activities

Posted by Sprout School Supplies on Mar 25th 2022

Child Friendly Earth Day ActivitiesEarth Day is a fantastic holiday to teach your children the impact they have on the world around them. By taking a little time to plan activities with your child, yo … read more

Screen Free Spring Break Activities

Posted by Sprout School Supplies on Mar 16th 2022

Screen Free Spring Break ActivitiesSpring break is just around the corner and it is no secret children spend a lot more screen-time than they used to. Over the past few years, schools have transferred … read more