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Sprout School Supplies Makes Everything a Little Easier

Posted by Sprout School Supplies on Dec 1st 2023

Sprout School Supplies Makes Everything Easier

Interested in making back-to-school a little easier for the 2024-2025 school year? Well, you've come to the right place. Whether your school has used a school supply kit vendor in the past or you are just starting to gather information on how it all works, Sprout School Supplies can help you get started in no time. The best news of all is that Sprout makes the entire process a snap.

It truly is our mission to make back-to-school super easy for families, students, and teachers. In fact, a common theme when our partnering schools leave us a Review is how easy it is to implement our school supply kit program, from our quoting process to online ordering, right up to delivery day at school (based on your requested delivery date).

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Getting Started with Sprout

The first step is to request a quote. Simply fill out the basic information form and provide your most up-to-date school supply list. Our Sprout team will build a quote that exactly matches your teacher-specified classroom lists, offering both name brand products (Crayola, Fiskars, Mead, EXPO, Ticonderoga, Elmer’s – to name a few) and quality-tested value options on products such as folders, sticky notes, highlighters, and more. Once your school has approved your quote and signed on with Sprout, the rest is a piece of cake. Once the new year rolls around, with feedback from your teachers and staff, we update and finalize your lists, and you are ready to roll. 

Your Personalized School Store

Not only does Sprout save families time and money on back-to-school shopping, but we also make the online ordering process very simple. Our team will build a  personalized webpage for your school community that provides families with links to purchase their student's school supply kit. Parents can do their back-to-school shopping all from the convenience of their own home and in just a few clicks.

Giving Back Has Never Been Easier

Turkey bingo and annual school carnivals are always a blast, but giving back to your school community has never been easier with Sprout. Simply add on a designated dollar amount to your school supply kits and at the end of your sale, those dollars go directly back to your school. No planning committee, volunteer signup sheet, set up or take down. It is truly that simple to raise funds for your school.

Promoting a Successful School Supply Kit Sale

As PTO or PTA members and school administrators, we know that you have a lot of balls in the air. We understand that each project and event you are involved in is extremely important, but you have limited time on your hands. For your convenience, we have created promotional materials for you to use to promote your sale. Once you partner with Sprout, we provide a promotional package that includes ready-to-use prewritten emails to parents, social media posts, school newsletter announcements, and more. It really is as easy as "Copy and Paste."

Guaranteed Delivery Day

Your wish is our command. Let us know your preferred delivery window and we work with you to schedule a delivery date that works best for you and your team. Along with guaranteed delivery dates, Sprout also provides numbered student labels and checklists that make kit distribution efficient and organized for your team. We will deliver your school supply kits wherever you choose within your school.

We guarantee delivery before the first day of school, so students are prepared to learn with the tools they need, and teachers can hit the ground running...on DAY 1. 

At Sprout School Supplies, we are passionate about serving our schools and families. We work with schools, school districts, and corporations to provide school supply kit programs that fit individual community needs. If you are interested in getting your community involved in our School Supply Kit Program, please contact us at or click here