How does Sprout work?

Sprout partners with schools to provide an easy online shopping option for parents. Parent organizations typically work directly with us to set up their school in the Fall or Spring for the next school year.

If your school is a partner, look for program and order information distributed by paper, email, Facebook, and on your school or parent organization website, or you can always contact us for assistance at help@sproutsupplies.com

How do I find my school and get the right supply kit for my student?

First, search for your school code. Find the kit for the correct grade level(s) and the appropriate variant (gender, last name, or teacher specific kit) if applicable. Select the right kit for your student, enter their information to help ensure proper delivery, and proceed to checkout.

I bought my Sprout supply kit(s), when and where is delivery?

If your school permits site delivery, your student's kit will automatically be delivered for free to the school on the date selected by the administration before the first day of classes. 

If your school did not select our free school delivery option, home delivery is provided for an additional fee. For convenience, home delivery orders do not ship until August.

Why I don't see my school?

If you have a school code and cannot find your school, please contact help@sproutsupplies.com for assistance.

Or, that might mean we need to add your school for next year! Go to our sign-up page and submit your request. 

When is the order deadline?

Please look for communication from your school about your order deadline for 2022.

Order early once your school page is open to take advantage of our promotions to win your supply kit FREE!

Is your payment portal secure?

Yes, our payment system uses a secure, PCI compliant, authorized online merchant. 

Is my student’s information secure?

Yes, your student’s information is secure. Our website operates on a large scale IT platform and we never disclose student names or personal information to any unaffiliated or third parties. The student name is collected to help ensure accurate distribution of supply kits at the school upon delivery.

Can I buy individual supplies or customize my kit?

Not at this time. Our program works by providing the  exact school supplies from the list your student's teacher requested according to grade level, gender, last name, etc. Parents love the Sprout service because they know they get the right supplies - no more, no less. For efficiency and to eliminate confusion, we do not sell individual school supplies.

Are the products name brand and of high quality?

Yes. We provide the exact, teacher and administration approved name brands and quality tested products to last your student through the entire year.

How do your prices compare to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Staples?

After you factor in the cost of your supplies, the time it takes to find each item, wait in line, and drive back and forth to one or more stores, many customers tell us they spend the same or less with Sprout. Our satisfied, repeat customers are a testament to the value we deliver.

What is your refund and return policy?

We offer all customers a 100% hassle-free online cancellation and full refund until your school order deadline. Please contact customer service by email at help@sproutsupplies.com to request an order cancellation and refund.

To qualify for a refund after the online cancellation period, simply return the entire kit with all of its contents unopened within 30 days of delivery. Order retrieval and shipping to our warehouse facility is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact help@sproutsupplies.com for instructions on how to return your order once shipped.

For any defective products, we offer a 100% no charge replacement or refund on all defective products. Please provide photographic evidence to assist with your request.