Here's what a few Sprout customers had to say about their experience:

I was thrilled to use your service and told our PTA President it is a must for next year… I would definitely recommend you.


Thank you! We just had our first PTO meeting of the year, and I am pleased to announce that we had zero complaints about the kits from parents and teachers!!! That is a first for us! Thank you for everything and we look forward to working with you for next year's kits! ;)



Working with Sprout was seamless from start to finish. We were extremely impressed with their organization, attention to detail, and immaculate follow through. I kept waiting for some sort of hiccup that never happened! The orders showed up on time, we received every kit that we ordered, and each kit was assembled exactly as we requested. Our school's families love having Sprout as an option.



Thank you for checking! Yes we received all of the orders! Looking forward to working with your company in the years to come! Thank you for making my first time so easy!



The ease of ordering was simple and quick. the supplies were shipped to the school on time and easy to sort for distribution, made it  very easy for a school under renovations.


Everything is perfect and on time. This is why our PTA uses Sprout.


Very convenient save a lot of time…The price is good. Love it :)


This was, by far, the easiest year shopping for school supplies!!  I will forever and always use Sprout School Supplies!  How much easier can you get....sit click click..all schools supplies ordered and I'm done within 10 minutes!

Not only was it easy but the prices were great and everything was waiting for us at my kid's classrooms!

Thank you Sprout for giving me back hours of my life I would have wasted picking out schools supplies in the store!!!


I absolutely loved the convenience of ordering school supplies from you for my daughter!

Thank you!


Hello guys!

Well, it was the first time using Sprout school supplies! And it was really excellent and helpful for me, because I used to buy those in many places when I couldn't find some of those in one place . This school year was really easy for me , it was incredible!

Thank you for helping parents (because we are always running with errands and many things ) and also schools!

Thanks again!!


This was the first time our school has used Sprout.  I thought it was easy, efficient, and very helpful.  I would definitely do this again.  

Thank you,


It was so much easier to do one stop shopping this year for school supplies.
My son also received a defective headphone set, but Sprout quickly resolved the problem and sent a new pair to his school. Thanks for the great customer service. I would recommend Sprout to other parents as an easy way to get school supplies next year. Thanks!


Everything worked very well.  My daughter was satisfied with her school supplies, which she received directly in the classroom.  Everything was there as ordered. Easy and convenient. Thanks! 


I had a wonderful experience ordering supplies through Sprout School Supplies.  I am a new Kindergarten Mom, and I wanted the transition to be as easy as possible. At our school on Open house day, my son was thrilled to pick up his special box of supplies waiting just for him. He proudly carried it through the halls to his new classroom. Ordering school supplies online is a brilliant idea, I don't know why it wasn't thought of many years ago! Thank you for making the stress of going back-to-school easier.


It was a really good experience, I paid for the school supplies over the summer, when I was out of the country in Bolivia and I came back worry free for my little one to be ready for the start of the school  year.

Thank you,


My only child entered Kindergarten this August and Sprout made it so easy for me to purchase supplies.
The online form was simple and straight forward.

The supplies were delivered to the school and all neatly packed in the box and not one item was missing. Everything was complete and it saved me so much time and energy to purchase via Sprout instead if driving around town. I also like the fact that Sprout "gives back" to schools.

I will continue to purchase via Sprout going forward and share my positive reviews with friends.

Thank you,


You saved me this year. Shopping for school supplies has always caused me stress. Mainly because I can never find everything in one place. I end up going to 3 different places and even then I can't find everything! Thank you so much for making the beginning of this school year seamless!!



Thank you so much for making my life so easy. I had the supplies delivered to the school and didn't have to fight lines or worried that the stores ran out of supplies. Happy customer. 


I enjoyed using Sprout School Supplies for this year's supply needs. I thought the online ordering process was easy and swift. I like that if we had a problem, someone called us back almost immediately. The kits were very easy to handle and I really liked the packet of seeds that came with each kit.


Sprout saved us so much time and headaches.  No more looking all over town, going to different stores to find everything you need. Thank you Sprout School Supplies.


You made it so easy for me and I think the pricing is reasonable.

Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for your services. You have save me time and money for school supplies. I could not be happier knowing that I can count on you in the future.

Thanks and see you next summer!

- AZ

I love the service you provide! Having everything there waiting for us on the first day of school is a great relief. No more running around in the back to school dash. Of course no one place has every specific item on the list, one would think that Target or Walmart would , but that has not been my experience! I love Sprout and think it's a great value and super convenient.
Happy Customer!


I just want to say that buying school supplies through Sprout is awesome. You save time and money by doing it online.  You look for your kids name , school, you choose the grade their in and with just a click of a button, you're done.  It is so convenient that every school should do it.  I have referred sprout to all my friends who have kids in school and they love it.

Thank you, sprout for offering such a great service and for saving me time and money, oh did I mention that they deliver the supplies directly to the child's school!


I really loved getting my supplies from sprout! It was so easy a few clicks and I was done! No headache in the school supply aisle or searching for that one particular item no one can ever seem to find.


Thank you for taking the guesswork out of school supplies! We could have driven all over the place to find the items on the list for the price that you provide. It is a stress relief to know it is taken care of and will be there when school starts.

Appreciate your service!


I was very happy with my school supply order for my daughter. But was easy and one less thing I had to keep up with.

Thank you,


Sprout school supplies is a huge convenience for our family! Thank you!


I have bought school supplies through Sprout for the last two years, and I doubt I will EVER shop for them again! Easy as 1-2-3, and the supplies are waiting for my granddaughter in her classroom on the first day of school.

Thank you Sprout!!


Our experience was good. We ordered right after school let out for the summer, and the supplies were in the classroom for the first day of school.


It was very convenient to order from Sprout the past 2 school years. I love that I do not have to fight crowds at the stores and not have to carry supplies into the school especially with 2 children. I would continue to order from Sprout.

Thank you,


This program is excellent and it really comes in handy around Back to School time.  It creates a stress free shopping experience.

Thank you for providing this service.


Loved. Loved. The ease and convenience of the SPROUT box was amazing! Thank you for providing such a great service for schools and supporting learning!

Thank you—


I love the no-hassle simplicity. I have a busy schedule. My time is valuable. Your service ROCKS!


This year was my first year to utilize your services and I’m so glad we did!  It was significantly easier to “buy” supplies through your service instead of traveling to a store (or multiple stores) to search for exactly what the school is requesting.  My husband and I have two children in elementary school and it was much more affordable to buy supplies through Sprouts Supplies versus buying it at a store.  It was also very nice to have the supplies already in class so the kids or my husband or I did not have to take the supplies to the school ourselves.  I hope you do not change anything about your program!  It was very refreshing to use the service you offered and we’ll continue to do so as long as we continue to have a positive experience each year!



This was the first time I have purchased school supplies through Sprout. I can honestly say I will do it again and I don't know what took me so long.

I really like that you pushed it out to almost the start of school. I procrastinated in getting the supplies and was happy to know I still had time to get them. :)

Thank you.


I loved this new system for order school supplies was very easy and helped the school too, I will continue for the next year


I'd like to say ordering sprout school supplies was hassle free. I enjoyed the fact I didn't have to fight crowds before school started in August. Looking forward to ordering again next year. Thank you,”


 I love the boxes the supplies came in.  As a teacher, I grabbed lots and lots of them to use in the classroom.”


Hi Sprout - We could not have been happier with sprout school supplies - my son started kindergarten, so this was our first order.  Not only did you save us from running around to find all the supplies, but you also saved us money.  I heard from other parents that they wound up spending more at the store because they couldn't find the specific item on the supply list and therefore had to buy larger items.  I like how the supplies are delivered to the school so my son didn't have to carry them in on the first day.  I also like how there wasn't a mark-up -- the pricing was fair, and then we could choose to donate additional supplies to the school.  Also, the appropriate items were labeled for him. You saved us time and money!  Thanks!


I cannot tell you how much easier purchasing school supplies from you made my life!  I have 5 grandchildren ranging from 3 to 8 years old living in my home I am the primary caregiver for a three and five year old. The other 3 are with me after school and weekends as well as any breaks from school.  I did not have to go from store to store dragging all the children with me.  It was so much easier for them too, I will definitely buy supplies from you next year. Thanks!


I had a wonderful experience ordering supplies through Sprout School Supplies.  I am a new Kindergarten Mom, and I wanted the transition to be as easy as possible. At our school on Open house day, my son was thrilled to pick up his special box of supplies waiting just for him. He proudly carried it through the halls to his new classroom. Ordering school supplies online is a brilliant idea, I don't know why it wasn't thought of many years ago! Thank you for making the stress of going back-to-school easier.


 I highly recommend Sprout School Supplies to everyone I know. I love this website and I am glad you are available. You saved me a lot of stress and time. I look forward to ordering again for the school year 2015 - 2016. Thank you,

- AM

I like the fact that everything that you need for the school year is all put together for you and delivered to the classroom. There's no shopping around stores trying to find items and you don't have to overload your child with back to school items.

- DP

 This was a great service--cost savings and easier for me than buying everything.

- KM

I am very satisfied with Sprout.  Using their service for our school supplies made back to school so much easier and fun! Thanks!

- ER

I wanted to express the easiness of using Sprouts and to not have to carry school supplies or go to the store was so easy. I really enjoyed using Sprouts and will use it again in the future.

Thank you,

- TH

I was surprised when my 5 year old started Kindergarten that our school did not offer your back to school services.  A friend in another city had raved on and on how convenient it was and don’t even bother trying to beat the price by shopping around on my own because she had tried and not even come close.  Not only in price but in convenience and not having to be in the rush of crowds at stores during back to school time.

When our school offered Sprout for first grade before Kindergarten had even finished I jumped at the deal right away.  My friend was right, it was very convenient and cost effective and I even snagged the early bird special by ordering early.  Thanks for making back to school easier with one less thing to worry about!

- JB

As as mom of two, I’ve been very pleased with the Sprout program. Not having to school shop for individual items have been a real perk. Most times the available products have been picked over. The convenience of having the prepackaged supplies ready for the 1st day of school is great!

Warmest Regards,

- KT

This is the second year that I buy the supplies through Sprout and I have to tell you that the experience has been unbeatable. The service is superb, the prices are excellent and the convenience of getting the materials dropped at the school is simply genius!!! I will continue supporting Sprout and I also recommended it to all the moms I know.

Once again, thanks.

- MR