Horton's Kids School Supply Kits

Horton’s Kids empowers children growing up in DC’s most under-invested neighborhoods and prepares them to graduate from high school ready for success in college, career, and life. We serve 600 children in grades K-12 and families living in Wellington Park and Stanton Oaks – neighborhoods profoundly impacted by decades of disinvestment and barriers to opportunity. 

In Wellington Park and Stanton Oaks, the income disparity is acutely felt in a city where a college degree is required for most well-paying jobs. Only 19% of Ward 8 residents have a bachelor’s degree while 59% of all Washington, DC residents have attained a bachelor’s degree. Many of our participating caregivers report an annual household income of $10,000 or less. This creates a financial burden when it comes to providing essential items like new school supplies and backpacks every year. Therefore, Horton’s Kids equips every participant enrolled in our programs with a custom, grade specific school supply kit to set them up for long-term academic success during the new school year.

Contributions made in support of Horton’s Kids’ Operation Backpack are tax deductible. To request an acknowledgment letter for your contribution, please send your order confirmation to Caroline Malone, Horton’s Kids’ Corporate Partnerships Manager,